Our God is indescribable lyrics


Verse 1

Our God is indescribable

His name is hallowed in the firmament

He’s a pass over Lamb through space and time (2x)   


So from the pages of my heart

Let my worship begins but never end

To the God of all flesh (2x)


For he’s my God 

And his name is Yahweh

His name is Yahweh-

Yahweh (4x)
 Verse 2

Your majesty revealed to all

Your love is so so over-whelming 

To your government there’s no end (2x)

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Top 30 lucrative small business ideas for towns

Top 30 lucrative small business ideas for towns

HELLO, you there the reader of this today’s edition about the great lucrative business Ideas thriving in this present age time in our towns.

Let me not start beating around the bush, instead let me quickly and kindly hit the nail on the head by revealing to you this day the meaning of top and business ideas. I know you know it, but permit me to elucidate more on my insight on the focus today.

The term top; means leaders in a competition according to me. To be a leader in your area of concentration you must know these lucrative business ideas that market most in our society, community and towns today.

Business ideas are the knowledge one gather’s towards implementation of a plan, goal, aims and objectives in life, so for you to run on the fast lane of business in our towns you must abide by these practically lucrative ones highlighted here in this articles today.

Here are the top 30 lucrative business to do today in towns, namely:

Selling of recharge cards and data bundles: another hiding lucrative is the selling of recharge cards and data bundles in the town, mostly in schools and public places. This business is recommended by me mostly to those of you that are student of one institution and the other, because most of the students on campuses use cards for calls and most of them too do use data bundle subscription for internet usage that’s for browsing the internet students use data bundles for doing research on assignments and other projects, sometimes also data might be used in doing personal studies online via the internet. With these reasons, you will come to note that this business is fitted and indeed lucrative to do as a student, because daily, hourly in fact always people needs recharge card and data bundles to make calls and browse the internet. Check yourself and ball in.
Opening a water refilling center: another, but regardless by people around lucrative business to do, is to open a water refilling center where water could be sold to people around. Mostly this water business booms in the winter periods of the year more lucratively, nevertheless people around needs water always to aid their living on daily basis. One can’t tell the amount of water been used by persons around, this is to prove to you that this kind a business is indeed lucrative to engaged yourself, but people always ignored this water refilling business.

Opening an ice cream shop: here is another hiding but lucrative business to do in big and small towns even in villages. It does not cost much to start with this kind of business, but only the skills to be able to produce ice cream could be attained at most two weeks of training on the ice cream production specialization, thereafter you start with production and market your products, you may serve as whole sale too to the clients. This business is a flourishing, thriving, successful mostly during the winter period.

Retailing of soft drinks and table water: retailing here means selling to the final consumers, customers; I best describe it as buy and it as buy and consumed. This is also another successful, flourishing business idea to embark or to start. Many persons need light refreshment always, with this retailing of soft drinks and table water (SACHET WATER). You can make some ceaseless cash.

Opening a restaurant: another flourishing business to start is this business of opening a restaurant; a restaurant is where drinks, food, and all the delicious dishes are sold or served. So consider opening one in your town and watch how it flourishes.

Retailing of frozen food: preparing, selling of frozen food like chicken, turkey and the rest other food that can be frozen. People like fast food most at times, so chose to start one frozen food joint in your town.
Retailing of vegetables and fruits: retailing of vegetables and fruits are another great and lucrative business to start, it do not cost much to start. Purchasing in bulk from those who cultivate them and sell at your own fixed prices to the final consumers around you, mostly those who are vegetarian do consumed a lot of vegetables and fruits. You might consider starting a vegetable farm and be a master of your own, and then you will make it big.

Opening of meat market: starting s meat market is here also another hiding flourishing business to do in small towns, because many of our persons around love meat. You will make it bigger by bringing this unto their reach by opening a meat market. You might also consider selling in small quantities if you cannot afford opening a mart foe meat.

Opening/retailing food stuffs: starting retailing of some special foodstuffs anyway all foodstuffs are special, never mind me. Special in the sense that they are foodstuffs that are demanded almost everywhere and always. Foodstuffs like yams, banana, flour, rice, cassava/the flour, maize/maize flour etc. all the foodstuffs that intrude into your mind that are needed on daily basis, you are good to go into retailing of this as it flourishes daily, year in year out.

Opening of bookshop: consider opening a book shop, where all or 95% of the world most read books are sold. Today ever body want to attend school, everybody love reading, love impacting new ideas into their lives, love purchasing books to their kids and wards in school. Books are not limited to the niche of most read books or most popular author, but also in the field of academics; books like text books, drawing books, exercise books for jotting and writing notes for students. Going into this will help you.

Opening a retailing pharmacy store: consider also opening a pharmacy store/shop where medicine could be sold for clients/customers. Purchase all the drugs that you know that are needed daily for the betterment of people’s health, and then bring them to the store continually to be sold to your customers, if you are a pharmacist; your most profitable in this business because you might be administering some first aid treatment to patient, injection too plus other medications and counseling.

Retailing of bread to the town: another lucrative business in town is bread baking, if you cannot afford baking of breads because it requires the skills before one can start baking breads. If you are going into retailing, you are to buy from the producer, baker then you start selling to the last consumers.

Opening of medical care center: opening a medical center is another business that is flourishing today, especially if you are a medical personnel, consultant, and doctor. This business suits you. Start a medical center in other words called hospital, then start employing workers if the medical center is big enough not to be handled by only one or two persons.

Caring for elderly ones business: opening a caring center, it might be in your home or in a public place in towns where people noticed things on time. Where you can start caring for the elderly ones around the towns, counseling the elderly ones around most especially on diet issues what to eat and what not to eat as an elderly one.

Auto repairing center: opening a garage where you can start repairing auto vehicles, cars, truck, and the rest other vehicles is indeed another great and flourishing business to start in a town, because many vehicles got bad on the road. You can make your cash by rendering repair services to the people around the towns.

Washing of car business: washing of car in towns is a big business to do, because many people don’t always have the time to wash their cars, you can make it by opening one washing car center to start doing the business.

Opening of a veterinary clinic: veterinary; is also another big business to start. As a veterinary doctor you treat domestic animals like goats, chicks, cow, dog and the rest domestic animals you know.

Open a barbers shop: starting a barber’s shop, where people’s hair can be cut, keep low and shaved. This is another flourishing business in town most especially when the shop is sited close to a school, where students always keep their hair cut low, shave. Mostly foe men (boys) it also requires the skills to start barbing someone, so you need to acquire the skill if not attained formerly.

Open a beauty salon: this is also another flourishing business to do, mostly fit for the ladies. It also requires the skill to be able to dress someone beautifully.

Start Dog breeding business: this business is good for the men, buying dogs most especially the female dogs to be breed, breeding means reproducing new ones in dog. As the dog is breeding, it keeps multiplying and as it multiplies that is how the number of dogs increases. Thereby the ones that are matured are sold out continuously.

Buying and selling online: this is the one I engaged myself most at times too. This involved you conducting research about online platforms that offers the selling of goods been it digital or physical, then you buy cheaply and sell to those who needs such products. Example laptops, cell phones etc.

Start baking and selling cookies: baking and selling of cookies here implies selling of baked and cooked food to the final consumers. This kind of business flourishes too, mostly when you sell in schools, churches etc

Start a photography business: landed well, this is also another lucrative ever business to do, why because it has no season. Does photography business have season? I answered no, I guess your answer too will be no, because taking a snap shot does not have a dedicated time for it. Your own work is to be informative, know where events are taking place and you are good to go!

Start hotel and lodge business: starting hotel and a lodge center is another flourishing business to do, because many people often visits a place that seems strange and mostly they are not inhabitants of such places. Opening a hotel and lodging center will help matters.

Start a tech center for repairing computers: opening a tech center where all such of electronics could be repaired is also another hiding lucrative business, some people might be into it but actually, they are not away that it is lucrative. Opening tech here to deal with the repairing of computers, noting how computers got bad every day.

Start a tech center for repairing smart phones: starting a tech center for the repairs of smart phones is another thriving area of business today because 99% of persons around uses smart phone. Being there for the smart phone users to repair their phones always is a good way of relating with people around. Like me, the writer of this article on top 30 lucrative business ideas for towns I am into this kind a business. In the software fixing problems example phones updating and flashing plus all other related services apart from hardware’s.

Start home painting business: starting painting of houses services in the town is another top lucrative business to do; many house owners do change the paint to their houses yearly.

Start poultry farming business: poultry farming is also another flourishing business to do in town; many people do eat chicken daily. Naturally, some people also love keeping poultry at home.

Open an adult learning/education center: opening an adult education center is another hiding lucrative business that is highly secret in the sense that people do not regard this as any business not to rank it as lucrative. This business is lucrative in the aspect of the adult people around us, almost 55% of them are illiterate because they cannot read and write, but you that will bring this kind an opportunity unto their door steps they will love and embrace it.

Start fish farming business: finally, the last but never the least on the list. Starting fish farm is another good flourishing business one can do in the towns; a lot of people eat fish daily. Most people also prefer fish to all other meat. Fall into establishing this, you will enjoy it.

God bless you all, for reading this marvelous article.

Hope after reading, adhering to it, your life will never remain the same.